Real Hope

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In His great mercy He has given us NEW BIRTH into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1Pet 1:3 NIV

For the follower of Christ, your hope in what God can and will do including through you is a reality. Your reality is different from someone who has hope in something else, anything else.  Everyone works at something, commits to something, because they are hoping it will work out.  A parent does the very best for their child because they are hoping the child grows up to become a responsible member of the community, someone they can rely on in their old age. A student studies day and night because they are hoping to do well in the forthcoming exams.  A woman picks out a man she believes to be the best father for her children in the future.  World Leaders plan and implement systems and structures to avoid losses short term and long-term.

We all know life does not always go according to plan.

Everyone has  faith in something and someone including ourselves most of the time.  We have to deal with the uncertain, because somehow with our best intentions,  plans can go awry, totally off course.  You may encounter a situation that was not in your life plan.  Some losses,  family dynamics changing, nothing is quite certain.

In Christ however we have been given a fresh type of hope that is sure that is certain.  Jesus Christ rising from the dead gives us all a certain hope that we will also be resurrected at the last day. That we will leave behind this corrupt body or earthly tent that we carry to house our spiritual bodies. The final salvation.  For no one can take this dying body to heaven, it cannot enter God’s Holy presence.

Our hope is also certain because whatever we believe we ask for in prayer in God’s will for our lives, we receive. We do not hope for what we already see, no it’s for what we do not see.  Our hope is therefore a living and active hope. That God is able, that He knows how to instruct and guide us when we pray in faith. We live out the christian life because we have hope an active hope that our journey is not in vain. This helps us to never quit or give up in doing good or in renewing our mind, we know nothing is in vain.

Personal struggles and challenges, while following Christ, we have this great hope that they are always temporary and not permanent, no matter how bad they look,  because we know that the God who raised JESUS from the dead, is able to help us in times of trouble and impossibilities. For in God’s will, nothing is impossible to him that believes.  The greatest comfort in challenges is the assurance that God in His sovereign mind, makes everything work out for our greater good, as we align ourselves into His purpose through Christ Jesus.



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