Am I too Busy?

Do you remember the last time you did something spontaneous with a loved one, a child, a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, a friend, a boy/girl friend, a partner or husband/wife?

Something so childlike, it made your too serious friends or family member shake their heads?  Those are the moments you do not want to miss.  Most of the memories that matter to us are the ones where we did fun things, crazy things, totally outrageous things with friends and family. In fact the quality of our lives can be measured by how much together time we have or have spent with others.

We find ourselves bombarded with the pressures to perform, be perfect, fit in or leave, show us what you are made of billboards, that we forget being like a child is what makes life beautiful, in a manner of speaking.  I catch myself many times struggling to take a break and its then I know, its time to take a break and spend time with a friend or family or post something encouraging on my blog. Maybe one person will be inspired be encouraged.

Jesus put it this way when Martha was running around serving Jesus, and her sister Mary totally ignored her sister and just listened at the feet of Jesus.  I have since discovered on my journey of faith, when life is out of alignment with God, nothing else seems to come in line.  Until my spirit was renewed in Christ, life was a journey of being restless, trying to fill the emptiness with many activities but they never settle a person’s spirit.  Christ is indeed all we need, Him first in our lives brings other relationships in the right perspective. We can have healthy relationships, because we don’t love too much or less than we ought. We can never be taken for granted because we learn, others are not our main priority, Jesus is.  You see we find strength in Him first to be ALL we can be to all those around us, our nearest and dearest, and everyone else we meet or work with or study with.

This then is a life of purpose and meaning, and you should know will not come easy. At First.  Human nature WILL never accept to put God first. Taking deliberate action to put Him first, spend time with Him studying His word and talking to Him about every issue of life, learning to hear His voice and instructions. No I repeat will not come easy or as second nature. But the exciting and great news to this is, by God’s grace, we find the strength to do it, and over a couple of weeks, our new-found relationship starts to become so much more than just a habit. It becomes a lifestyle and there is nothing you can do but learn to love and trust God for everything.  Paul encourages us in his books in the new testament, Grow in the Grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Strangely enough making Him the centre of our attention and affection, we start to experience the good life, such that no matter what we may ever face, it will not stress us out, we can GO THROUGH, anything without falling apart.  Be blessed as you discover the treasure of knowing Jesus Christ in a busy world.




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