Freedom from the Past

Someone once said, a liar is only empowered by the innocence of the listener.  Everyone has done something they are not proud of.   Trouble is when you are consistently harassed in your mind, by what you did in the past, what you could do better, how you could have done better.  Every time you try to step out or step up and do something different for yourself or your family or loved ones, you feel am not good enough, he or she or they can do it better than me.


That itself is a lie from the pit of Hell.  When Christ forgives it is settled.  REJECT THOSE lies and embrace a new life in Christ Jesus.  Never Hold onto a lie, or life will be a limited version of the best God has for you.  You are better and greater than your past and your mistakes, you are ALREADY empowered to do great things, in your life time.   If you are alive today, you were born FOR THIS TIME, in eternity for a great purpose in God.  In Christ we put the past behind us literally psychologically in every way possible.   You do not have to live in fear guilt shame and condemnation another day of your life, even today you can be free of those things that weigh you down.


The bible tells us while we were yet sinners Christ Jesus died for you and me.  This is so profound I was amazed I had read it for years and it had never made much sense to me apart from, okay this is good news.   But practically what does it mean, here  and now?   Simply put  I was not even a candidate for God’s goodness when He died for me, but He still chose to die for me and pay the price for me.  Therefore before going to heaven I am  being made perfect, but am ALREADY  qualified to be blessed in every area of life.   Through Jesus’ shed blood for me on that cruel cross, the work is already done for me to be totally blessed and be a blessing to others.  That is why we become COMPLETE in Christ,  all it takes is for you and me to accept His love turn away from an old life and begin a new journey with Him. To be Born From Above and Follow Christ, wholeheartedly.

Before we come to Christ, we are living or doing life with  limited access to the abundant life that He promises for His children, His people.   Check John 10:10  Jesus is the gatekeeper He is the access door to the supernatural abundant life, that is expressed in the natural life, being a source of blessing anywhere we go.

There are  many things a human being can achieve without being a Follower of Christ, we all know that, we don’t need to investigate, its obvious to us.   Christianity does not appeal to everyone, as the bible puts it well, it is foolishness, to the one who has decided his destiny without Christ.

Why is it foolishness?  It  is only foolish to the one who has consistently refused the claims of Jesus as God’s best for mankind, God’s perfect plan for salvation here and now and in eternity. To refuse is to say, though God made me and I had nothing to do with it, I still know whats best for me.  It is not God’s desire that anyone should be blind to the truth, but in His wisdom God has allowed it to be so.  Understanding and experiencing total freedom then, is for those who believe in Him.

Humanly speaking would you give your best to those who underrate you, criticize you and don’t believe anything you say?  Sometimes you wish God did not give us so much free will, but the amazing God who created the universe and man, is THAT good He doesn’t force anyone.  He made us in His image, to be able to choose how our life would turn out for us individually and those around us.  Think about it, every instruction God gives is for the good of all.  So He says the more that come to Christ, the more good we can accomplish in the earth.   The more people we have who walk in freedom, the better the world will be.

John 8:32 states He who the son sets free is FREE INDEED. He will never do an incomplete work in you. If you believe Him, that He alone can make you free from the pain of the past. He will do it for you.

Are you troubled by your past, what you did or what another did to you?  Somethings require of us to make up for the pain we caused, whatever that may mean for you and others. Having courage enough to take the first step and do the best thing.  Even to those who need our apology but never ask for it, we can in private speak their name and say I forgive them and ask God to help them and bless them. That takes guts, but it will set your life in a direction of great blessings(it’s a seed) because it’s a sacrifice to speak a blessing over others that hurt us.  On the other hand too, our part asking for forgiveness,  being truly sorry for what we did wrong and are determined by God’s grace to never go down that road again, freedom truly comes.

We become free by doing what Jesus teaches us to do, none of us are smart enough to do life alone, that is why we follow other leaders, but Jesus the great Leader, the Master, the great Shepard is STILL calling out to you and me.  Come to Him with all the weight of pain and disappointments that we are carrying.  Past hurts and disappointment  are like rocks too heavy for a person to carry, we can bring them at the foot of the cross, and LEAVE them all there.   Never to discuss with anyone again.  Yes you can because He is close to the broken-hearted and heals those who are wounded in Spirit.


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