Thief in my basement

The thief we all have in common, stealing in plain site. Because the best way to hide is in plain sight(from a TV Film, Person of Interest.  This is what the book of John tells you and me.

The thief  ONLY comes to steal kill and destroy, but I have come that you  may have life and life more abundantly. John 10:10.

And when JESUS says BUT, must pay attention more than before, because He is addressing a concern that no qualifications, no contacts, no associates, no family member will be able to help you with.  We all face different battles some are similar and same are different seasons of life but nonetheless the same. Pressures to be to do, to become, to accomplish, to belong, to fit in, to catch up or match up, the list goes on.

‘I have told you these things so that in ME you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world.  John 6:33

The first verse is warning us about a thief, to be alert in prayer and assume nothing.  It’s my thinking and observation that, a really good thief, replaces the  item you lost with a cheaper one.  For example God will place an idea in your mind about something you must do as a direct instruction.  However where the heart is too busy, or crowded with concerns, the idea is missed and forgotten about.  This instruction will be repeated several times and in different ways.

Have you ever noticed how wherever you turn, the same idea is presenting itself to you in different formats and time of the day?  God is getting your attention.  As we study God’s word we start to recognize that God’s plan towards us is GOOD Always., we start to understand His character. Over time we learn to trust Him and His word for He is a promise keeper.

Back to the thief, when a negative or cheaper idea is sown in your mind,  you cannot see it as wrong, because it’s a good idea, though good is the opposite of best.  What the mind misses out on is God’s very best that He even allowed His beloved son to die and pay the cost of having the God Life.  And during prayer our dreams and God’s ideas for us become resurrected regardless of age and past mistakes, we explore new beginnings with excitement.

The second verse talks about peace. Note the qualifier, ‘in me’ you WILL have peace.  Outside of a relationship with Christ then, is always an imitation of having peace. For when the test comes, who will be left standing on the promises of God.?

Peace in troubled times, peace in times of the unknown in front of you, Peace at the crossroads of life to make the best decisions. Peace during family squabbles, Peace regardless of anything going on, courage to let the troubles pass over.


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