Family Is.

True that we cannot chose the family we are born into.  They come in all shapes and sizes,   your guardians or mum and dad may have decided to just have you, an only child, or more than one, yet another  person you have to compete with for your parents/guardians  affection.

Or maybe you have a large family of 4 plus, and wondered how everyone coped and made it. Or perhaps not such a great picture when you look back.  However our family shape comes, there is something unique about each of our family experiences.  Truth be told,  no family is the same, though we may live in the same neighbourhood and even went to the same schools.

Behind closed doors there’s either  love or tolerance.  There may be lots of arguing and making up,  it is a shame to be estranged with your own family.  Now I understand some family members can be impossible.  They need space away from others for healthy co-existence.  It could even be years before you speak to them again.  I call these healthy boundaries till reconciliation is possible.  A great tip is to forgive them long before they ask for it, for your sake, because forgiveness opens up our own world for good things.  Unforgiveness closes up our world.  This is because Jesus places that demand on us, if He has forgiven us freely, we must also be quick to forgive.  I know for a fact that forgiving other family members sets you totally free to enjoy life.

Not surprising Jesus says he came to bring division among families.  Not to destroy families, that would be a gross misunderstanding.   He is saying to us many will follow me, but their family members will not be willing to follow me.

No matter our family background, you may not have received the support you needed or the encouragement you need even now.  This is where family can be some good friends can be your pillar of strength, especially those you can pray with.   Talking to God about everything develops your spiritual muscles, useful for the gym of life.  I have also discovered it is useless complaining about what and who did even years later, Let it go, take responsibility for your personal happiness, you owe it to yourself.

I remember one of my own challenging family experience.   It was a struggle, but one day coming from church a scripture came into my mind that the work of righteousness is peace from the book of  Isaiah.  I don’t always remember what I read, but I learnt the priceless value of investing in God’s word. It  comes when you really need it to go through challenging times.

In my journey of faith I recognize now that the word of  God stored in my heart will produce something good in my day-to-day life.  I don’t always get it, have to keep learning even as I write about it, I learn something new, other days  its like, what now?  Learning to trust God and His word makes a difference in small and huge ways.  Step by step we will keep getting stronger and stronger, no matter what we face.

The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. Isa 32:17



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