What’s Next

It’s too late to say, lets see how things work out, having an idea what’s coming next, will help us know what to prepare for  and save us from trouble and heartache.

One proverb says a simple man keeps going and falls into a trap. But a wise person, considers his ways.  Kind of like counting the cost for the direction of my life.  Just because everyone is doing it does not remove the consequences on me, or free me from the responsibility.  I have to go to bed with my conscience, and I discovered a clear conscience all day, always brings a good nights sleep.  I remember one of my sweetest friends across the miles now living in Canada, used to say, every night I go to bed, I look at my day, did I do everything right today, did I do all to the best of my ability.  Precious girl, she saved herself more heartache and trouble than many others.

I recently watched an intriguing film for me, because of what I picked out in the movie.  Nicholas Cage is an actor with a special gift in the movie NEXT. He has an extraordinary ability to see danger just 2 seconds before it happens. But here is the thing, not for anyone else, but him only. Of course the FBI get wind of this and in the interests of national security they seek him out and hunt him down.  He does his best to avoid them, but in what unfolds as a cinematic master piece for me, they find him but he gives the FBI a run for their money so to speak.

The FBI want to use him.  They want to be able to predict a terrorist attack or next move, so they can halt it or interrupt it ahead of time.  Somehow Nicholas’ girlfriend gets involved and that is how they end up foiling an attack.  Really great to watch.

We develop a sixth sense when we study God‘s word about our lives and our loved ones.  As we pray God will train us how to navigate life, avoid storms or how to go through a storm, and how to get out of trouble.

He tells you and me to KNOW this one fact.  ‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path’  Psa 119.

He teaches us how to just take the next step, assume nothing, everywhere else may be dark, you cannot even see down the road, but as long as we let God lead us, we are in safe hands, we get to learn to TRUST GOD.  Why do you need to trust God when you can see everything clearly for yourself?  What is the point of faith for something you already got and have?

So if you are lacking anything in your life today, seek God with all your heart, and be amazed.  God does not lead a person not willing to be led.  Just like in this quote here.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink’  -unknown

Image; courtesy of google images.


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