Of late am just meditating on Psalm 139. It’s incredibly amazing to me, How God  created you and me, each one of us.

You were made in secret. Pause about that one thought.

What comes to your mind, about being made in secret by the most high God?  You are not just unique but you are amazing to behold and a mind to observe.  Everything about you and who you will become, what you have to face to become all that God created you to be. You are innovative like God made you to be, able to think of ideas that were not or have been thought about even over the last 500 years.  No one even knows all about you,  that though you have a masters or PhD, that makes your family and friends proud, you would rather be happy to play a violin for a living. You would look after the homeless if you had the time, you would provide food for the hungry with the right resources, you would travel the world and discover new lands, you would help those who are discouraged in life, that is all you really want to do. If you could find a way to do all these things and more, you would leave it all behind to the shock of family and friends.  Life is like that, the people in our world can determine what we do in life and how far we go in life and what legacy we leave behind. Granted make sure our family is looked after first.  But is that all life is about?   How many adults have a midlife crises because they realise there is more to life, and ‘escape’ their current reality, causing heartache in their trail, when they could have opened up along the way, that I would like to do something different in my lifetime, lets sit together as a family and create a roadmap.  How many families could be healed by honesty along the way?

How do we get back to who God created us to be?  Our wealth is in our inherent gifts, our inner talents developed will create great wealth. Someone said do not do what you love, do who you are.

By reducing ‘noise’ in our lives and like a river beginning to flow in life, we become who we are.  Many instructors around, but if they are not through God, we are still only going to experience a measure of all that we were created to be. A river navigates its way through much terrain, many obstacles, but it keeps going back to its source, it always flows back to its source.  It carries life and can only dry up if the source dries up.

God is a father with an ever-increasing supply of wisdom for life for all of us, strength for life and inspiration to keep us alive alert and productive.  When we give of ourselves, we usually run empty, nothing left to give. But when we do life, giving out of the fullness we have in Christ, we never run empty, God refills us with His goodness as we study His word diligently.  I found this on my journey raising 3 kids, the great difference when I allowed God’s peace to flow in my life, and when I tried to do it all without His wisdom, HARD, is the word.  Yes they say its challenging but it doesn’t have to be hair-raising HARD. Having learnt to FLOW in  His joy, His abundance, I never run empty.  When I feel like am running out, I know where to go and get refilled, hence the scripture, whoever comes to me, will never get thirsty again.   John 4:14.

Loving who I am faults and all,  keeping my focus on God’s higher wisdom and growing in it(as you never really arrive, always more to discover daily), developing my skills and talents, having a curious mind willing to learn, keeps me so fulfilled as a person.  Getting and staying connected with my family and friends and  wise people who have the experience of life and the wisdom they have built over the years, that keeps anyone alive.

I even found doing church out of duty is heartbreaking to God and hard work for me, not worth it and a misrepresentation of who God is.   So I decided to enter in God’s rest.   I determined to follow Christ not programmes and ideas,  systems and strategies that do not include Christ, for where the spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY.

Have a blessed weekend,  remember PEACE and Joy comes from within you through Christ the source of all ABUNDANCE IN LIFE.  Train your mind to think about lots of great good things about yourself and your family and friends, challenge every negative thought so that it does not reproduce in your world as you gave it permission.

Commit your works to the LORD,  and your thoughts will be established.  Prov 16:3

On that note, what makes you happy, what keeps you satisfied in life, and dare I ask what winds you up so much, you want to move town or change your current circumstances?

There is no fear in Love, for it is stronger even than death. Love conquers all fears.  For God so loved the world(you and me in it), that He GAVE HIS SON, for you and me, that we would not struggle endlessly in this life, but have everlasting life that begins here on this earth. John 3:16 paraphrased


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