Love Has No Fear

For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  John 3:16


You may have heard this scripture from sunday school or never heard it at all.  Most of us are afraid of something, of someone or the threat of something going horribly wrong in our lives.  Fear can be from what we have experienced or seen or watched in the lives of others. You wake up to the news and you can hear messages of fear all day long.  You switch on the radio, its more bad news.

So then if our fears are real or  imagined, what is the best way of dealing with fear and living a life of courage boldness and permanent happiness.  It is simpler than we may have heard.

If the driving force of life is fear, life is out of alignment.  This shows by self-preservation, and doing everything to get from others instead of giving.  Can’t give if one feels they do not have enough.  Yet each of us have a lot to give every day of our lives. If you can’t give something, give of what you have, a smile is a gift, a listening ear is a gift, an email to say hello how are you doing is a gift, giving any part of yourself is a gift, writing a post is a gift of shared thoughts and experiences. Many people feel they are bad people because they don’t give to mission work overseas, and so they give out of guilt, that’s a shame.  Its better to give to help a cause out of kindness than guilt.

Fear is rooted in the opposite of Love.  Love is generous, its kind, it shares, it has no problem giving time and space to others because Love knows there is more where that came from.  Love is not afraid to take a risk, because love knows who will catch you when you fall.  Love has no limitations in its thinking. Love makes plans of doing bigger better and bolder. Love wants to see another do well.  Love is not afraid of losing, because better is coming. Seems to be life rooted in love makes us healthier and live longer.  Fear makes a person a prisoner unable to escape, but letting go of fear and choosing Christ who is love personified, makes life free of all limitations and restrictions, with the responsibility that comes with the freedom of choice.

In the book of Genesis, Abraham the father of faith,  was having trouble with his nephew Lot.  Their servants were quarrelling, so Lot was given first choice, Abraham did not mind letting him choose first.  How many of us are afraid of letting another have first go, because we are afraid what ever is left will not be good enough?  Will take you to the story in the next post.



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