This one is not the title of the film and its sequel with Liam Neeson , on the contrary, this is Taken from a different perspective. You are taken,  someone has your back, someone cares about you, someone puts you first before anything and anyone else. That is the Love of a parent, a spouse, a fiancee, a bestfriend, a grandparent. In the film Taken,  if you have not seen it, the main actor Liam Neeson’s daughter gets kidnapped and He goes on a mission to get his daughter back.

This is how the film is described on the IMDb site:   Taken(2008)A retired CIA agent (played by Liam Neeson)travels across Europe relying on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been kidnapped while on a trip to Paris. The Agent Liam Neeson says something in the film about the passion of a father ‘I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t let my daughter go, I will find you and I will kill you’

There is something about being spoken for, by a  loving and passionate parent even though estranged as in the film. Something about someone about to be engaged or getting married, to the man of her dreams. A girl has a glow that is infectious and all her friends start to daydream, imagining their own wedding when their turn will come, aaah got to love someone who can see a positive future even if it has not yet shown up.

When you are spoken for, you have this bliss, in this bubble of happiness a state of serenity, you dont think or imagine anything going wrong.  You have this confidence, you are not on your own. A person who is loved and accepted unconditionally has not time to be angry or fight with others, this person knows their own value among others, treating others with the respect they too deserve, for you get what you give many times over.

With the courtesy of google images, look at how content this pomeranian puppy looks right here:


This is my discovery. Knowing that God is your father, having asked Jesus to be   Lord of your life, you become HIS, and nothing that belongs to God can be snatched out of His Hand. Jesus said, I will not ask anyone who follows me to leave for whatever reason, and I will not lose anyone that are mine.  Notice that Jesus did not even reject Judas, He called him friend to the very end, Judas left all by himself convicted and tormented by his own guilt. That is not the side you want to be of someone who loves and cares about you unconditionally.

To accept this eternal truth that God loves His own unconditionally requires renewing your mind. Staying on this one scripture, that I belong to Him and He takes care of me.  ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ Heb 13:8 until your heart believes it without a shadow of a doubt, which in itself is Life changing.  It’s not my income, my associates, my business, my family, my boss that really take care of me. God arranges circumstances so I am in the place where I need to be and directs our provisions for the season we are in according to His purpose.

Perhaps you even know He has better for you than where you are right now, you may be saying, but we understand that His timing for you or me to step into what He has for you or  me, is perfect, the seeds we sow of faithfulness, generosity and more have a DUE harvest that is personal to you/me known by God and no one else, and nothing can delete YOUR DUE SEASON. All I need is keep my eyes on Him and He will teach me guide me making the way clear for me, step by step.

Today choose to refuse to be upset or stressed out about your circumstances. Pray may your righteousness invade my world here on earth, may your will be done here on earth in my location, as it is in Heaven.

That is why start every day in prayer and a fresh word from God by studying His word so that whatever obstacles you face in your day(one day at a time), you will know who you belong to in Christ Jesus and nothing can take you out of His Love. You are His forever, You are spoken for, You are taken, He knows who the enemy of your salvation is,  and has a set eternal place for him, believe it or not & a reassurance (unlike Liam in the movie who didnt quite know at the beginning who kidnapped his daughter).  Jesus  has also given you authority to confront the enemy of your salvation boldly speaking  God’s word in every situation right here right now.

If you know through prayer and study of the word,  that God gave you what you are involved in right now, to do (if unsure pray about it and seek Godly counsel from God fearing leaders in your life), You can say with crystal clear confidence, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Phil 4:13.

Are you taken or doing life alone? You dont have to do life alone. Here is a simple prayer



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