Waiting. You’re Kidding Right?

You may or may not have watched the movie Fireproof, with Kirk Cameron as the lead actor, I will post a link here, a very touching film on commitment, waiting till your change comes. The film shows the personal sacrifice of letting God fight your battles for you.  The film will make anyone who is committed to the people  they love feel greatly encouraged. The film shows us that you cannot possibly win every battle independently. It takes trusting God to help you while you do your part.

Here is a great proverb, that kind of makes you think that whatever a person pursues in life has it’s reward already set.

‘Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life prosperity and honor’ Proverbs 21:21 NIV

You may be in a difficult situation, but as you give your cares to God about them, talk honestly to Him about all that you are facing, and are willing to wait on Him to give you His answer, you start to experience a sense of peace that you are not alone. Its human nature to complicate the process, but when we pray, we have to be just as willing to hear God’s instructions in prayer.  Most times its human nature to do things in our own way and when things go wrong go to God and ask where are you? However He is always willing to lead and guide us as we put our trust in Him. Enjoy the song ‘While am waiting’ and the movie FIREPROOF.

Here is Fireproof, I encourage you to watch it with your loved one, if you can found it on youtube.


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