Heaven on Earth?

Stability is such a cry of the human heart. Everyone wants someone stable, dependable, reliable who keeps their word and will not bail out on you as u go through the craziness and transformational life stages to hopefully become a best version of you(whatever that means…)Someone who will stand by you when no one else believes in you, someone who celebrates your small steps of progress. Someone who thinks you are to die for……..Jesus is that someone. Everyone changes we all change, we walk away, but He wont. If anything hanging around Him long enough you settle down learning His ways His standards for your best life yet.  His love for you is forever strong He can handle  all of who you are, the good bad and ugly. He says come just as you are and you will never chase empty things ever again, Am that good guaranteed check me out in the book of John. Now that is good news. ……




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