Clearly Not.

I was busy re-organising the kitchen a few days ago and my son who I call more than a blessing to me, was helping out. Usually I get a little uptight about extra help, bear with me its been a journey and am far better at it than I used to be.

I had in mind when we are done we could rest and watch our favourite movie(lack of communication? yes totally..because he did not even know this). But here goes. He took over setting up his end of the kitchen, and from the corner of my eye I thought ‘that is not the best way to do that it will take too long…..)

I continued what I was doing, thinking maybe I should just say something.  I have had to learn the best way to address simple things by trial and error (…its easy to make a big deal of a small thing, yes lesson learnt).

Finally I said ‘If you had completed this task this way It would have been quicker. To which he replied in the most dramatic way possible with a cheeky grin  ‘oh my goodness, its a catastrophy’!!!!!!!!   I could not believe he was calling me out just like that, am his mother!!!! or did he forget?  LOL





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