No Sympathy

About a month ago my family and I decided we should watch Pacific Rim at the Cinema. In case you have not watched it I will not ruin it for you. However it’s about defending earth from giant aliens bent on destroying earth. Idris Elba plays a lead role in which he has to recruit the best fighters who will use machines to help them get into battle.


In one of the scenes the character played by Idris says a striking statement, atleast to me. He said ‘I do not need your sympathy nor your admiration all I need to know is that you can fight’!! This struck me because it made me think about life. How that to lead well to win to succeed at what you set out to do, you have to remove praise and sympathy out of the equation. You may be praised today but tomorrow you will be thrown out as no good. Why is that helpful? Integrity is doing what you love to do for the sake of it, celebrated or not, and will keep you in the long haul through the difficult times and the mountain top experiences.

This type of thinking will make you and me not overlook humble or small beginnings. Yes you should aim for the moon as you may still land among the stars. I also find personal goals give you focus, it is not even about who supports you or ignores you. You set your mind I was born for this otherwise I would have been born before my time, so if I am alive today I can do all that I need to do to make a difference however small.  A great soldier  in the challenges of life for me is one who does what they do to the best of their ability with or without reward. You were born for this, you are in the right place and when change comes you will be the first to know.



The other side of challenge is just as important, celebrating your life where its at, looking at what is good about it and having appreciation for what is possible without magnifying what is impossible.

In Christ the way the path has been prepared ahead of time, as you and me meditate on great and awesome promises of the word of God we know we are born to win, to reign in life, at every life stage.



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