Access Granted.

I am not sure how this happens, but every now and again I forget a Pin, or password, or date I need to remember,  keys or something…just something, anything.

Why does this bother me? Because of the hassle of rearranging my priorites. Now best part is we are told not to write it down anywhere, duh!! Have you been inside my brain, how could I not have to write it down!!! You can sense my frustration right?

Now am usually the cool calm and collected type, well most of the time(LOL).  It happened again this morning, am at the cash machine, and at the worst possible time, I get this thought am putting in my Pin but did I insert the card???  When you do something on automatic pilot, it becomes strange to check it out. It must sound silly, yes even to me because I started giggling to myself right there in this huge mall, and what a relief ,there was no queue behind me while I figured out what’s going on between my hands and brain.

Without a pin I cannot get to my money. Without cash deposits there will be no money to withdraw. Though I have family and friends without investing some quality time being there for them, there will be no strong lasting connection. You catch where am going with this right?


Prayer is an investment greater than money or connections. Prayer assists you to access what is humanly impossible, wisdom, what the real issue is what and when to act.  Prayer is not only the one you say at church on sunday, but the ones you pray alone with no one but God the Father to hear through Jesus Christ. Prayer grants you and me Access, with peace in tow.  Real Peace regardless of the circumstances. Prayer grants us access to wisdom. For every challenge has a wisdom solution. It’s not money problems Its a knowledge problem, Its not a relationship problem, its a wisdom problem. Access Granted, time to walk through.






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