601b314c155fe8a086248ae956d7dd37Beauty Redefined

Things are never what they seem.  Have you ever had a discussion with someone and realised you did not know this person at all? It dawns on you, they accept you if, they will include you if, so then whose standards should you choose, their version or yours??? To be accepted is a long term business, not every one is in it for the long haul, make sure you are not replaceable by raising the bar in your world. My kids know there is no other mom like me, though they have travelled and been exposed to many different types of moms. Love and beauty for me go together, it is not in the amount of makeup or pricetag of the clothing, but the attitude carried, make sure it’s lightweight.

Kindness and respect wins every time. Self Respect determines who stays in your life, why allow something to be more important than it needs to be? What do you do when the person  who made you feel beautiful changes their mind?



You can redefine beauty on your terms. Keep your standards high, that then means, being accepted for who and what you are on the way you’re going.  You can reinvent your life by developing an acquired taste for style and elegance that you never had before, or the one you choose. Am not talking about some movement, am talking about the one where you stand alone, come rain come sunshine.

The power of this is, if the one who called you beautiful changes their mind, your beauty has not changed one ounce, they did not give it to you so they cannot take it from you. No one determines your value only YOU do.  You are uniquely fearfully and wonderfully made by God to let your light shine.

Love this eye make up Directory I found on Pinterest. Which are your favourite colours? If you were to define beauty in your  own words, what would you say?




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