I believe in love, i believe in joy, i believe in hope, i believe in today, i believe in tomorrow, i believe in kindness, i believe in life, i believe in stronger,  i believe in greatness, i believe in small steps, i believe in the best…i believe…..

418705_10151020496363342_1773770560_n (1)

That you can make a difference in your world, in your life, in your family, in your friendships,  in your community, in your career, in your neighbourhood, in your generation. I believe in NOW, you can. Now are we the SONS of God(ladies also included) who demonstrate His goodness everywhere we go.

I believe you can change your thinking to break barriers, obstacles and hindrances, however small, however big, however long, for when I change my thinking I change my world. When you believe with your head and heart, actions follow by default. So if what my heart and head believe are not in sync, there’s confusion, Saying one thing but doing another. If you believe the best for yourself, you will not accept one more put down in your life, in fact you will refuse to be offended, but smile and walk away, the greatness in you demands it.

Maybe your mountain is that laundry piled up in that corner, because it represents your life at the moment. You may feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again.  Do whatever you know how to break routine that makes you feel stuck.   Deliberately do the same thing at a different time. Life is more exciting than doing the same thing the same way, at best you can do the same thing with passion with a spring in your step, because you say to yourself  I was born to do this.


My daughter was expressing dismay at the new lead character in a big film saying we need the old lead actors. But I encouraged her that we cannot hold on to those who did well in their part when it was their turn, this is now, lets give other lead characters a chance, to show the skill they have been busy preparing. If they don’t do as well as the other actors before them, well its only feedback they can regroup and perfect their skill, we all love a great comeback story. Quitting is not an option.

They say life is too short, but I say life is too long to be doing something now that I would spend the rest of my life trying to correct.

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