Those Red Shoes…

You see as a child my dad was and is still a great role model to me and I love him for it.  He laid some foundations in my life that set me up for high standards and he probably was not even aware of it because they are spiritual standards.

little red shoesHe loved to show me off to his friends as his first baby girl, and I still remember him buying me  pretty red shoes.

I pause here to tell you God was showing me then that the blood of Jesus will give you the ability to live a champions life when you come through all the hell you will face as you do life. Am still in awe of the King of Kings what He has supported me to overcome, because He is  a covenant keeper.


Victory in life is more than self empowerment, its who has your back in the challenges of life. God’s promises to you and me is that with Him we win in life and He will show us off to the world, because as we rise up we show the world who He is in us, none of our own doing, He gets the credit. A powerful army is powerful not because of the face that represents it, but who gives it authority and the strategy to win.

Growing up and finding faith, I recognized to be like Jesus….. those are big shoes to fill. But again I get reminded, I can grow into those shoes by loving like He did as He lives through me.  I notice that He gives me instructions to renew my mind, the place where I experience victory, the place where I make my decisions that have an eternal impact.

You see Jesus is committed to making himself known to the world through weak human vessels, when He comes into a person’s life He takes you from ordinary to extraordinaire, progressively. So those times you take to study His word so your mind can be renewed, they are not wasted. Faith seems crazy at first until others see the results of your faith.

Why do I boldly say this, because the blood of Jesus makes any person free from a limited lifestyle, the restrictions, the incapacities. The blood of Jesus gives you authority over dark forces that work to oppose your progress. Your progress is your breakout. Your break out is the break out of many others, and that is something dark forces hate, because for centuries they work to undermine the integrity of God the Father.


So then your enemies are dark unseen forces, bent on stopping you for making it in life for shining as the star you were born to be. A star shines brightly, this is not the time to hide your gifts and talents, no. Authentic courage comes from knowing WHO HAS YOUR BACK. With that in mind you will never ever need any support you can stand alone in obedience to the instructions God gives in His word and live the life of dreams. If you obey God He takes responsibility to give you the human support you need. You were born to do this life, this hour, this generation.



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