BeYou Inspire

True beauty has a sense of healthy self evaluation, knowing you are more than your looks., so that even when it seems no one appreciates the real you, you can.  It is really not how much feedback you get about your looks, but what you say of yourself that really counts.

Did you know the same person that likes you for your looks will change their mind in an instant? What then? True beauty is an inner quiet confidence, and does not neglect personal style. True beauty is a healthy self appreciation, having nothing to prove.


The best feedback you need in life, is the ones from your clients or customers,  the service you are providing or quality of your products, and your skills development.  These you can manage and master. If your clients or customers are encouraged to provide objective feedback, you can change or improve on something. But beauty in itself you can not really control, you can enhance use accessories and so forth. If you are chosen or picked out for something you cannot change, what do you do when the choice goes to someone else?

Work on what you can control. Developing your skills from where you are mastering them to become one of the best at what you do. Remember the law of promotion, find satisfaction in what you are already doing now, then you will be given more responsibility.


If you find it hard to help others you are limiting your own life. Helping others enlarges your area of influence. If you only help those who can help you back you are still limiting your life. You see some connections are disguised, as a secret millionaire…Help others for the sake of it, without expecting anything in return. That makes you beautiful.


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