Crossing Your Red Sea Part I

This is prophetic for someone today.
‘Go Forward’ is not a suggestion, but military language.
You have been neutralized from taking initiative into God’s best for you. Your mind the battle ground has been telling you that is not for you but for them, every time u tried u fell flat on ur face and u gave up. You have been round the mountain of the same type of relationships, same career, same street, same hangouts, same mindset, same excuses,reading the same books, but the promised land is calling you….


It is not the Father’s desire that any of his Kids be enslaved by anything, they are worshippers called to the office of kings and priests, who change atmospheres bringing heaven to earth.


You may have to take baby steps, apply for that course, apply for that job, end a bad relationship, leave someone who keeps you bound, you may have to make a priority for time in the word of God, you may have to make that phone call and apologize, call someone let them know u care…..

And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to ‘go forward’. Exodus 14:15.


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