Crossing your Red Sea Part II

Crossing your Red Sea Part 2

Life by revelation,the promptings of the Holy Spirit, walking by faith not by sight. The Law of faith demands that no flesh should glory in His presence….I found out I have to take God at His word and take a step of faith into the unknown, oh yes all hell breaks loose, but Stand Your Ground, let God be true and every man a liar, God is not a man to lie to you, YOU CAN TRUST Him TOTALLY.

Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I WILL be exalted in the earth. Psa 46:10
Take some time to listen to this instrumental worship, and if u cant play the video,
here is your encouragement written on this beautiful piece…

We all have a Promised Land, a heart’s desire, but many of us have been enslaved by the Egyptians(negative thoughts, strongholds, depression, situations, trials or the enemy of our soul…(egyptians here are symbolic based on Moses’ story from the bible, I’ve nothing against Egyptians).
It may appear that our promised land seems far away and too good to be true. We consider trusting God a very risky propostion. The wilderness might prove worse than the egyptians.
But sooner or later God says to us ‘Go Forward’.
And then you just know it, you feel it, u hear it, deep within your spirit. THEN its time to make a decision take initiative and take action (When God says Go).
Faith without actions is dead. James 2:17. Its a spiritual battle and our mind is the battle ground.

The old doubts and fears keep u neutralized, but there’s always someone to tell you to Go Forward.
There’s always a Moses on your pathway.
Sometimes its a friend your pastor or family member or someone you dont even know, but even when no-one seems to be there, the one who is always there is YOUR heavenly Father, The God of Wonders the creator of it all.
Take your first step and CROSS your red sea, today this could happen for you this very day, right here right now, this moment.
Maybe you have lost your initiative from living so long a slave to pharaoh (your doubts fears discouragements)
Say to yourself today GO FORWARD
The waters of my Red Sea PART, I NOW pass over on dry land into my PROMISED LAND.
Only God will keep you from falling apart. He says to you, Be still and know that I am God Psa 46:10



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