Personal Power

You know you are happy because you do that which helps others just for the sake of it. You may not get awards for it, but you get satisfaction, that you made a small difference in someone’s life. Many times it’s just a smile and a hello, any one can understand a smile, a smile says it’s okay, don’t worry about it, it will be an awesome day, you are doing great. There are times you won’t get a smile or feedback for what you do. There will be times you get no acknowledgement for what you do. What then? Remember this, what you do because it’s a great thing to do, leave it at that. Do it because you love being a great friend, great company, you know you have something to give, even if it’s to only one person. Opportunities come as you make the most of where you are today. Determine in your heart, you will not do what you do for applause. The best part is, if you do it because it’s a great thing to do, even if no one sees it, you will have developed a great skill, you will become stronger because you are in control of the ‘clap-o-meter’. Do not give your personal power away, by only doing what is applauded. That applause may never come. But when you choose to do what you do because you know you were born to do this, you eliminate time wasting activities, and focus on developing your skills  and talents.  This has been a life long lesson for me, the only applause that really counts is feedback from your skills, how your clients and customers rate your product or service, that volunteer time slot you take on, the value on the team that needs it, and most of all, your family.


It should not be that family become aliens, we can in some small part do what we can to be a blessing to our own families. Where possible. It can be impossible at times and safety is a priority, with emphasis added, where possible.

You will find great strength in realising when you stop performing to be accepted and applauded, your real star will start to shine forth. You see the star in you, is God-given, and if you are accepted or not, it does not change who you are. You can get on your way and be a blessing to someone, always giving out and getting bucketloads in return. Determine not to end this year doing the same thing and expecting different results. Push your boundaries, purpose to have new experiences, cut back expenses so you can do something different. You own your personal power take advantage of it. You were born to do this.




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