Getting Up

Enjoying your journey to where you are going  is significant. We know kids on a long journey get impatient, they go ‘are we there yet’?  Why is that? A child thinks when I get there I will have lots of fun, I will have a great time. That is the child’s understanding.

This goes two ways, you can wait and postpone your happiness, by being miserable in the meantime. If only this if only that. Or you can decide am going to make the most of my journey on the way to where am going.


I believe many give up on their dreams of a different tomorrow.  Let me show you how you can know for yourself you have given up.You find it difficult to just relax enjoy and live in the moment.  You cannot stand to see or hear positive speaking people, or you pretend, but inside look for ways to discredit them. Watch the celebrity culture, the very person celebrated today is knocked down amplified as if the one doing the stone throwing is a much better person. Stone throwing today is with words, sometimes its shocking.



Another clue to know you have given up on your dreams, is you complain about your work now, not knowing it is only for  a season, a period of time,  the more you complain and speak bad of others, the longer you stay in that situation.  Should you find another job, you carry the same mindset. This is just a wisdom thing, because you see, you can change jobs, businesses, partners, friends, relocate and so forth, but you are still in all these situations. Change begins with me, a lesson for me that took some time, and my journey of reinvention from the inside out began.


What do I do then Meg? I’m glad you asked. You see the Law of promotion (that no human being can break or change because it is spiritual) expects you to find satisfaction in what you do now, what you have now, BEFORE you can receive more.  You can get up from this cycle of same old same old, by finding what’s great about what you do and what you have now. Greatness demands responsibility.

A happy person attracts other happy people, people who complain make us want to leave fast, no saint can handle complainers 24-7. I call this getting up where you settled. Getting out of your comfort zone because there is always more to reach for. When we have no hope or expectations for better we stop being alive. Try this even for a week and see for yourself. My world changes when I change how I see my world.



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