My kind of Celebrity

This one’s something Dr Tony Evans wrote on Facebook, and I post it word for word. Be blessed ladies.  Dr Tony Evans President and founder of Urban Alternative Transforming Communities.


A woman who fears the Lord will receive the praise that is due her. Her works and the products of her hands will give her the recognition and validation that is hers alone. When a woman understands who she is and how God made her – when she pursues her destiny in light of how God created her to function – what she does will produce remarkable results. This is because it will be in line with God’s will. What too many women frequently do is base their decisions on trying to please others, or trying to earn acceptance, appreciation, or a sense of worth from their decisions, looks or actions. Yet God never said that you would receive praise for trying to please others. He said that a woman who fears Him would receive the praise that is due her.


The basis of how a kingdom woman functions stems out of her fear of God. How she prioritizes her home and family, organizes her life, makes decisions, chooses investments, and develops her skills all arise from her efforts to promote the good of those around her and advance God’s kingdom. If it is rooted in anything else, it will lead to weariness and busyness rather than fruitfulness and abundance. Dr Tony Evans



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