Single or Lonely

Just testing the waters here, to all my readers.  What is the big deal with being single?

Why do we see toxic relationships over and over again. Divorce and so forth? A month ago a young lady’s life was taken away by her partner. This is disturbing to me, why is it a disease to be single.  Someone said, it’s not being single that’s the problem, its being alone. Can you be alone with your thoughts and be okay, must you always have someone talking or discussing with you, eg social media fans, can you take time out?  Am not saying am better than anyone, but I remember taking a break from Facebook for about 4 months and it was so refreshing.

Can you be single and not be alone? On the flip side, Can you be in a relationship and be alone.  Here’s another, must your life be on pause on hold until your next relationship? Any takers? Family based discussion will moderate responses




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