The power of what you see

If you can visualize what you really want…really want. (A great relationship, a great career, a great business…a great family…this kind of living hope doesn’t die), It is only a matter of time. Nothing can stop that vision in your soul, no one yes even the person u admired and got disappointed, no obstacle, no knowledge gap, not resources, nothing.. You will take that course, you will eliminate distractions, and keep your focus, after all that is all you really want….So I encourage you, you do have what it takes remind yourself every day, be willing to pay the price it requires, and set your mind on the reward, the sweet victory.
You see you can conquer your fears and lies in your mind, like a lion they have great bursts of action but no endurance, only chase for so long, but the truth endures. So the truth about who you really are, will stand the test of time. Just the other day someone  I know had a relapse into some habit he’s had for some years.  I’ve known him for over 2 years and have never said a word. Another friend asked him why he started that habit again. He responded because of the problems he’s dealing with at the moment. For the first time I spoke about it. All I said is ‘there is a price to pay’.  If I am stumbling over small things in my own life how can I help anyone else? You see your old habits have a way of reappearing to check you out, make sure you fill that space with good stuff, positive stuff that makes you stronger wiser sharper.


‘Anyone who doesnt take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either’ Albert Einstein.


I still remember imagining a better environment for my kids, more choices more opportunities, while living in circumstances that were saying no way forget that, that’s not for you, it’s only for those over there, right there. I could not even afford a plane ticket at the time, but I had some skills that is all, and my mind. I now use that same principle that same truth, for every new season.  Maybe your dream is living in a better neighbourhood, a great relationship which may require for obvious reasons to let go of that toxic co-dependent relationship, feeding off each other’s weaknesses, but neither knows the way out.

Maybe you want to lose weight, get rid of a few stones, see that person and take it a step further buy clothes that will fit you at that size, not where you are now. See the type of company you will have and start now… see bottom line no one is stopping you, except that little strange thought in your mind. I should know.  I used to fear expressing my ideas on paper, the fear of feedback, it doesnt matter what I read from the guru’s or experts,  I kept thinking when I get better then I will start writing,  but that day never came. I just started, because the more I write, the better am becoming, I believe it and I SEE IT.


Gently stated I see myself as a published author, because I BELIEVE my life skills that I write about are making some small difference in one person’s life. You see for me it is really not about being a published author, but the passion I have for making a change in one person’s life, making one person smile, that feeling is priceless.  I have a health care background, specialist nursing, intensive care. You cannot pay me for the way it feels to see someone who was about to die through skilled deliberate care that person comes off a breathing machine and they start talking to you, it’s priceless. I love life in its entirety,  spiritual to the physical. With great life skills you can be truly happy. Free in your spirit to explore, discover, inspire and be YOU. Here’s to living in your dream.



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