Can I see clearly?

Imagine seeing your life as God sees it. Your whole life from the start to the end. Do not be afraid, and take your time(roots of unbelief start somewhere in our past blocking the vision God has for your future) You can hear dozens of messages and positive thinking kind, even  read testimonies and still not see, but if you let God heal your vision you will see when He decides it’s time to show you, am already excited for you.



Religion undermines who God is, makes you see God as creator(distant)  ONLY the preacher or priest can talk to him on ur behalf, instead of a Father(close) You too can come confidently and ask what u need. I took a while to see this so am being transparent to help even one person see the life God has for them.  This is a life where you will go through various tests because of the truth that starts to grow like a pregnancy inside of you, but you come out bolder, stronger, sharper, kind, patient, at peace with you and others, a clear conscience, no shame, no guilt but free in your soul. Man there’s nothing like feeling free in your spirit to become all you are created to be.

Religion makes you avoid praying or relax wondering what He (God)might call you out on that you’re not doing right(praying is simply spending time with daddy),religion makes you go to church out of  fear, even serving to be seen and doing good things out of obligation to tick all the boxes, but there’s no love in the service and that becomes so tiring. On the flip side love will energize you to love and sacrifice your time or resources. Watch a man/woman in love…….yes you get the picture.



Let God show you His Hand in your life, where He was when you thought He did not care. I encourage you to challenge your own thinking about God, the Father. The 1st Adam saw God as creator, so naturally he respected eve’s decision more than God’s instruction. Who do you check with first when you’re about to make a destiny decision?(clue) Destiny decisions are the person you date and marry, the course you choose to study, the people you choose to hang out with most of the time. Funny how our relationships have a major impact on the person we become.
Look closely at the relationship between the 1st Adam & God. Then look at the 2nd and last Adam. The last Adam(Jesus the Son) saw God as Father, and made His destiny decision, He would rather be crucified(His Father’s instruction for the redemption of all of mankind), than respect the opinion of the masses who wanted Him to be their earthly king.
We all know how every person in your life has ‘their’ idea of who u should be in their life according to their deepest need………Note nothing wrong with the need but who we expect to provide the solution that’s where we go off track….

Get excited about The Word again, your future depends on it. It’s the only Word that offers security therefore guarantee, changing your/my thinking with the result of progressive and radical transformation. Stay with the Word to change your life.  Why?,  Jesus would never lie you see, He says if you stay with me, you will ask whatever you wish (Whatever, for me sounds like a blank cheque and love has no limits,  hello…..)

Finally what you or I see in our future changes how we are  doing life right now, from my attitude to my actions. Be encouraged, get excited, you will SEE clearly, and that is enough to pick up your pace and do your life marathon well. Finally remember someone else is going through worse than you somewhere that is not to minimize your pain but only affirms and says chin up, there is more coming for you that is bigger and better and one day you will think what on earth was I making such a big deal of that?




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