On Motivation

Someone said motivation does not work, and they are right. It’s never enough. Partly because the hearer has to have their  own personal action plan.  Like the saying you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.  Been there done that, and not again is how I now see it. Breaking the cycle once for good, some call it breakthrough.


If I get motivated but do not take any action, I will find myself in the very same place I was just different curtains, different address, different associates but in my mind am still in the same place, even your social media status will give an indication of the actions you have taken in the last year. I have to get up when motivated but divine insight and action will keep me standing tall and moving forward. The grace available to me is for me to help me to do that which I thought I could not do on my own. With grace the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Forgive? Yes with Grace empowering me I can forgive. Save some cash as seed for investment, are you kidding? Yes I can with Grace on my side. Which Grace? The Grace that is freely available to all of us from heaven. To help us in our weakness, when we can only go so far, do so much, Grace helps us to do that which we thought its only for them.

Motivation may get us up but divine insight keeps us standing tall.


This is and today is the right moment to be happy to see all that is great in my life, right here right now, choosing not to postpone happiness.




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