More, Yes much more.


I was just thinking the other day how when a baby is hungry you get to know about it. Every parent knows from the cry of the baby there is something that needs to be attended to. Perhaps they need fresh clothes, maybe its too hot or too cold, some discomfort, and maybe the baby is simply hungry.


As we grow older we start to hear messages, you have had enough, no more, and for some reason, that message sticks and starts to translate into everything else. You start getting embarrassed about wanting more out of your life, for some its like a pressure cooker about to erupt, a major cause of anger today, being suppressed, being denied, being told you are embarassing our family or good name, why can’t you just settle down. Yes we must be content with where we are but without letting go of our dreams. That is why I believe we see disastrous relationships, middle age crises, being denied the right to live. 

What then, YOU decide am going to have more in my life, whoever is with me great, whoever is not that is also fine, but I will expect more from my life.
 You were not born entrepreneur to spend every waking moment building that empire, at the risk of your own health…moms give your self time out, dads spend time with the guys, ladies find time for your friends but walk away often to build your own life not waiting for mr right now/rich now, you can build what any can build.



Imagine having a really good laugh. What happened the last time you really laughed out loud its like you were crying, tears down your face? What made you stop? Was it the reaction of someone in your life or the group you were a part of, who stole your laughter? Your face was a bit messy if you had mascara on but when you have a good belly laugh does it matter?,  you just wash your face and reapply the make up. 

Being that person again that has a really good laugh is what life is about. Laughing at your own mistakes and then moving on. When you have a good belly laugh you are refusing to be conditioned by mistakes, you are refusing being programmed a failure.  All difficult situations program us to stop living, but that is a post for another day.

The baby always lets you know when they are hungry. As we grow up we must feel free to say am walking away from this I have been miserable far too long in this situation. I have to let go. This person am attached to is like poison, I have to let them go, maybe they will stay, maybe not. Think about it, you owe yourself that much to test what you have if it is the real deal. All of us need space to breathe, to think, to be inspired afresh. Too much sadness or covering up pain ruins your soul. In the bible we are told to cry but after that get up and keep moving.54231f68d4bbfadd062c6b0fb31a381b

Here is a very important life principle.  Whatever you cannot live without can kill you slowly. (Keyword ‘I can’t’). Will Kill your ability to laugh, to dream, to smile, to dare, to believe. Next time you hear yourself say I cannot live without, is to program yourself to fail without that or who.  Because in reality you can live without…..fill in the blank.






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