Perfect Fit. Big Shoes to Fill?

I don’t know about you, but it is always quite a challenge to take on another person’s role when they move on, change jobs, retire, get married and so forth. Promotion in life looks exciting from a distance, but up close is another story, that is why any kind of progress requires I become before having that position. A simple example, a single person has to understand what it will take to share your life with someone else. Getting prepared. The vision you see will become yours and my reality. Everyone wants a great relationship or lifestyle without becoming the person that can handle that level.  That is one reason I learnt to be careful what I want or go after, I do not go after anything am not ready to keep. One multimillionaire said, it is not how much money you have but how much you keep. Wise words.

A biblical example of getting ready to fill big shoes is Joshua. In The book of Joshua, his turn had arrived, to take over leading the children of Israel into their promised land. Moses however was a great  leader before him. Moses had done some awesome miracles because He was called and appointed for his leadership role. The challenge before Joshua was to go further than Moses. Looking at Joshua’s life we see that he was a keen student of Moses, even daring to go where the rest were afraid to go, he had a ‘we can do this’ attitude. Nonetheless without Moses, his mentor, he still needed to be bold and full of courage. He even got specific instructions in the book of Joshua.

‘Have not I commanded you? Be strong vigorous and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.’ Josh 1:9


What I like about the instructions above to Joshua  is the military language. It’s a command not a suggestion. Why is this necessary?  To move into the life you dream about me included, there has to be an element of no compromise. I cannot move forward then backward in my thinking. A double minded person swings between two opinions, never quite making the choice ahead of time.

It requires courage to embrace your dream life one chapter at a time, even when you want to quit for short term gain. Even if the shoes you have to fill are big as in Moses and Joshua, with courage you can move into your dream life. Free from Fear.


Every person has his or her dream life.  I remember when I didn’t know better I would go to all sorts of seminars, then I observed the motivation behind, and felt it was a waste of time.  Most offers are just are a dangling carrot, you never get to eat the carrot. 

Your dream life may be to have more time with family though your business is now expanding. It takes courage to delegate.   It takes courage to step into your boss’s shoes,  to take over a company, start your own company, start your own family because you cannot rely on your parents to help out. It takes courage to do more and become more, stepping out of your comfort zone, finding the balance between today. actionable steps for now, while moving towards your personal goals. Other’s call it priorities, keeping the main thing the main thing. It takes courage from being an employee to an entrepreneur to make it work, many fall through the cracks due to lack of patience, only to find someone else succeeds with the same idea. It takes courage to avoid the common pitfalls shortcuts and temptations to your visualized dream life. It takes courage to overcome internal resistance and achieve your goals step by step.


You see with courage those shoes in time  with a little patience, become your perfect shoes. You can celebrate small victories on the way, never overlook them, they will keep you inspired. I will write about personal giants we all have to overcome to enter into our dream/promised land/promised life in the next few posts.


What do you find is the hardest to overcome? I found procrastination, when life is better, when this and that, when when when…That day actually never comes till you take action. What action do you need to take to take you closer to your goals?




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