Face the Fear.

Letting Go of Fear, Confusion and Busyness. Clear Vision. Clarity. Purpose. Direction. Born4rthis.



Think of all the opportunities that will come your way as you face your fears right now. Deciding I can do this, I feel the fear, but that has nothing to do with my actions. Feel the fear but do it anyway. Go ahead and pass your driving test…yes even its however many times around. Go and apply for that job again, go do that interview again, go try that business again, what did you learn the last time around?


Yes go and do that presentation. I am still working on my public speaking skills and during a most recent event, I had to speak to a room full of people I hardly knew. Some knew me  a little and other not so much, but  still made me nervous, yes even though I had a mentor who started out in a small way, nonetheless, I went ahead and did it anyway. Thankyou Lord for grace, empowerment to succeed by divine methods.


I read in God’s precious word, that His grace is sufficient for me and that I can do all things through Christ that I am assigned to do. Yes you are stronger than yesterday, better and more equipped, just need to look a little more. God’s grace empowers you to do what you would laugh and walk away from.  The precious story of faith of Sara, she laughed thinking, how will that happen at this age have a child. She laughed twice.  You too will laugh twice, when you doubted the promises of God over your life and when you see with your eyes what He has done through you.


You will say THIS is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.


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