Here or There

Wisdom finds a way to make a decision before options are offered. That was a fairly new concept for me.  You will find if you make a decision way ahead of time, it makes decisions easier under pressure.

Think about it, when you were faced with options, had to make a choice what was your knee jerk reaction?  Were you okay with the choice later? Others say I would rather not make a choice leading to procrastination.


More fun, more family time, more friendships building activities, more herbal tea or coffee if you prefer? More exercise, more long walks, more singing, more dancing…….which would you choose?

Making a decision ahead of time helps shape our destiny. An adventurous ride, a mystery(where did my time go?), or a survival treadmill, checking in and checking out daily, surely not!

94c1d323f17157d1d028f4c76441dd28Courtesy of Pinterest Dubai.

Where you or I intend to arrive is actually not the most important (but that’s just my view, feel free to correct me and share your views), but how I travel to where am going. In that sense am fully present in the moment, I can have more in a, conversation, really listening to the person speaking, especially family and friends. When am too busy ignoring those of my loved ones, they will not be there to celebrate the success, after all we all care about how people respond to us more than what they throw at us, right? What do you say?  Would you be rather totally here or physically here but prefer to be somewhere else? No one likes everything about their life, but some just learn to make the most of what they have. What do you love most about your life that you would care to share?  I’ll go first. The freedom to write on my blog, read other blogs and work on my writing.

Note to self #call dad tomorrow.  Thankyou to all my new followers please interact share your views and find adventure in this community Born4rThis.




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