Why compete, when you can raise the standard? #thinking outside the box, destroying it and coming up higher.

A guy who feels threatened by another winning the affections of his lady can do more than what another has. Swallow your pride and win her so she is that special someone for life.  What happened to fighting for what you have, or could it be forgetting the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side? Someone has to maintain the grass that looks greener. With a little TLC,  the grass over here can become lush and green once again.

So don’t compete, raise the standard.


Do you feel threatened your job will be taken by someone else? Right lets reassess, the skills you have right now.  You could finally be free to run your own company? Yes raise the standard, not compete in the playground.


Feeling like you cannot cope cannot handle this one more time? Raise the standard.   Remember your backup in Christ. You can do all things, when you are weak, you are in the perfect position for His strength to take over in and through you, making you able to do more with less.  Not sure which way to go? Raise it, He the king of Kings goes ahead of you, so you can enjoy safe transition.


66467_10151779291293238_1656628540_nStronger. Faster. Wiser. Smarter. Divine Appointments. Raising the standard.


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