Grace and Truth

To become all that you were created to be. Sounds grandiose right?  Not really, but stepping into a greater purpose where your challenges come under two categories. Either a time management issue or allocation of resources. To really go for something, know that you will face opposition, obstacles and threats. The threat of ruining your reputation. You dare to step out and walk on water, others choose to stay in the boat of mediocre, same old, but expecting a different result.  Who has a more exciting story the one who walked on water or the one who sat in the boat with others?  There’s something about stepping out in faith. When you actually decide, this is enough!  


Decide not to be upset about that one more time, not another day. Square your shoulders and walk straight, please do not wait for permission to become your best you. If anything you will not have a party in your honor when you first step out. That comes later, and if it does not come, whose counting, what matters is daring yourself to believe that your new name is POSSIBILITIES.

So what do you do in the meantime, when everyone is huddled in the boat of throwing stones, blaming others, complaining about current situations, and back again tomorrow, around the same mountain, going around the same cycle?


My writing is being influenced by a few people who took a step of faith. It was not enough to read the instructions, but actually put the instructions into motion. Have you started studying for that degree, have you taken your driving lessons, because you’re expecting to travel many places, have you taken your pilot’s license, have you prepared your house for a family? Have you prepared your life for more, much more?

You can tell your expectations by what you are doing now, in the practical day to day. Expecting a great relationship?, are you really honest with the person you are with now? Focus on you, because even if they walk out on you, you’ve set a great foundation for a great relationship.  Do not pretend when things are sour, be honest, confront it, covering up will only blow up at the least expected moment and it gets real messy.


You can handle anything, you are equal to the task, and yes you are the right person for that role you have to fill right now. Better believe it. Emulate not imitate, you’re a designer original. Think of any powerful person that you know…yes same struggles as you, but they learnt how to function fully under pressure.

To know what needs to change in your life, observe how you react under pressure. When someone confronts you about what you say, when your kids do the unexpected, when you hear your partner did this or that, when your world demands more of you?

The pressure is there for a purpose, to bring out your best you. So run or fight? If you run, you just postponed the fight of your life, if you fight you may come out with bruises, but your integrity will be intact, you stood your ground and made your stand clear. Its you or me goliath(long standing challenges everyone’s quit on trying to remove) but the David(Divine Authority) in me will take you out!!!  Next..



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