More Yes than No

You know you want more because your apetite changes. You are no longer comfortable with the same old, tired of driving the same car, going to the same holidays, visiting the same malls, the same kind of gym, the same style of clothes, driving the same route.  Busyness can put you to sleep, yes the irony, because you start  functioning on automatic pilot. Wondering how did I get to work., who is this stranger next to me.  As for me, I worked night shift for many years because I believed that is the only type of work I could do. That is the only life I could have, so busy never asking Is there another life I could have, is it possible. And no am not necessarily talking about the Tim Ferris lifestyle. But a lifestyle that gives you options, nothing to do with how much money I make and that.

I did not know you can say YES I can have more, and yes we all believe we are smart enough to figure that out, but lets observe our in day out.  For me I was waiting for someone to give me permission to have or ask for more.  And no it was not a poverty mindset I had a decent income doing nights as a specialist registered nurse, now specialist nurses if they dare can earn over £60,000 p.a.  I used excuses even determined my right to have less, or I would be called greedy, that is an ugly word.  So I tried to just settle down...oh dear, it was only a matter of time.

As the greek philosopher said he only wanted people to think for themselves.  You see one day I looked into my future and reckoned who do I WANT to see when I look back, what memories can I create now that I want my grandchildren to look at and laugh so hard, did you do that?

So I decided to have more YES and none of No that is not for me.  The great thing about this is the more you say yes to yourself you will have enough sense to work out,  maybe I will not get round to doing that, so I will focus on actionable and daring goals.  Say yes for more.


We are not happy if we dont want more.  More of what Meg? Am glad you asked.

More Yes to Life, all that is precious to have, a must have, more of what we really want. That is why we get into high debt because we want more happiness by buying stuff that will attract more people or someone to us.  More peace so we pay off our families with monetary gifts and soon find out its not enough you have to keep at it.  We buy things we cannot afford to fit into a certain social group, as we become trapped in social comparison.  You want that guy to know you're better than him, that parent who let you down, that loved one that walked away on you, I totally understand.  But there is a cheaper way if you let them go, having nothing to prove.

What we really want has no price tag.  Jaguar have this great ad on its your turn.

In these blogs you will discover for free everywhere on my blogs IT IS YOUR TURN to have true happiness, true love, true wealth, it all starts with you. False information repeated over and over again has a way of taking you where you did not want to end up and keep you longer than you intend to stay. Under all that is real good stuff, the stuff of possibilities, but you have to come treasure hunting. Change your thoughts you change your world which changes your speech and what starts to unfold before your eyes.


Here is my YES redefined. How would you describe your YES?

Y  YOU have one Chance Use it well effectively and graciously.  The rewards of personal development far outlive you, just observe Zig Ziglar.

E  Empower Equip Evolve Empty yourself of all negative information and fill your heart and mind with great affirmation That way you can give the same to others.

S Set Higher Standards Speak well of yourself and others Smile Often

Say goodbye to what has not worked really say goodbye HELLO today.


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