The crowd or the Orchestra

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. —Max Lucado

I looked at this and thought, how perfect that is. You either dance to the tune of the crowd or you play your own music.


5 Ways for creating your own music for YOUR lifestyle:

1.  Don’t be afraid of your own voice.

Love your voice, love your life. love your dreams and pursue them. Having worked in specialist nursing, intensive care,  mechanical equipment was louder than human voices. We interacted only when helping each other out. I would go to bed most nights and still hear beep beep beep. Always looked forward to a day off.

We are living in times of information overload, you can’t hear yourself think. Everyone is saying something to get your attention, but YOU have something to say.  What you give attention to, shapes you, choose well. This is what Steve Jobs of Apple said:


2. Develop a new taste for different types of music to find the sounds you will enjoy.

Doing something different, something more adventurous especially if you find yourself intimidated by new things. Do you want to leave it to chance the memories YOU create?  Worse stereotyping can make you only listen to certain types of music, kick that box to the curb you were not created to fit into ANY BOX. .  Micheal Buble pesisted with the music he liked though it was not the popular thing at a younger age.

3. Listen to yourself sing, please, please.

Share your dreams with trusted family and friends. I laugh so hard and then cry when I listen to music auditions.  Here in the UK we have Britain’s got talent The Voice & X-Factor. Life is a stage, if you audition right, perfecting your skills, you will be one of the winners.  Listen to your own ideas what you want to do what you want to achieve and where you want to be what you want to be doing in the next 5 years, Rome was not built overnight.  Take time out to assess what you really want to do with your time. The career you choose. Do it well.


4. Practice, practice and practice some more.

All great sportsmen and women, musicians any artist any actor or film producer  anyone who has excelled in their field, refused excuses and started somewhere. You can start a new career if the one you have has run its course. Research has now proven that the average person changes their career more than once. We no longer have to die with the first career we choose to leave home or prove a point, no more.  That is freedom.  As in music, the more you develop your skills the better you become, the better you become the higher your value in the market place. Arriving at a place where you write your own cheque.


5.  Choose the best Coach.

Observe their track record, or follow them for a while. Every person can only take you as far as they themselves are willing to go.  A great coach does not necessarily have the credentials, but they have the heart to develop someone else. Have the skills to develop others, will see in you what you may not see in yourself, your capacity your capability.  I value my life and don’t want someone coaching me who is doing it for the pay the reputation and star status. It is rare to find these days. Social media has helped to bring these things to the surface.  You are now free to choose who you like and don’t like who to follow and unfollow.  A willingness and teachable spirit will take you further than you ever imagined possible.   In the bible Joshua took over from a great leader Moses.  To become all you were created to be will require some form of guided personal development. You want to use that learning as a launch pad to go further than you ever dreamed possible.

Have a great week and please comment ask or engage in this post.



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