Could it be a distraction? Part 1.


Distractions on the way.


I really hope Churchill said this quote, because it is just so on point. If you have found someone else did please let me know, I will gladly change it.

To get to where we need to be, there is an element of being tested if you are the real deal.  Do you have the capacity to handle that place in life you want to get to. You see it clearly, but somehow you are feeling discouraged, that is okay. Perhaps you are on the other extreme, so certain you can make it out YOUR way.

Unknown to some of us,  there is a divine good plan that you fit into, and your small decisions are keeping you in sync or out of sync. Out of sync with the great plan of your life causes unnecessary frustration, key word unnecessary.  But coming into sync brings peace from within, the ability to see possibilities, winning, overcoming at every turn, every life stage.
Distractions come to all of us, anytime anywhere with no warning,  to set us on a journey to quantum leap into our destiny. Distractions come to take us out of sync or in sync if we choose to stay focused on our purpose. Our purpose is why we are born, why we are here, helping us to walk away from anything that has nothing to do with your purpose, your unique assignment.

Laser sharp focus is not tunnel vision.

Being busy and feeling proud of being so busy is a distraction. That is a bold statement I know,  for those of us who love being busy.  We get a certain level of satisfaction. But has being busy really given desired results? Busy but in debt up to our eyeballs. Busy but not really getting anywhere fast, like the hamster on a wheel. Who told us we have to be busy to be successful, who sold us this lie we did not pay for? I want to know.

To have laser focus is not tunnel vision, the hamster theory is doing the same thing running faster, hoping to get there.   #breaking out of the hamster cage.
End of Part 1.





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