Looking at this quote I thought how realistic it is, as I have had to do it myself, like now developing different skillsets how to write quality posts that will drive traffic to my blog.  I observed something that my posts sometimes are too long, must cut them down to less words.

That to be honest is a challenge for me.  But the smart thing is to rise to  the challenge, getting better by doing, putting into practice the vision I see at the end of this personal empowerment. It’s easy to settle into what you already know.  Its predictable, its manageable, but don’t you find it boring doing the same predictable stuff, every single day? Or going into autopilot, arriving at work not even sure what you saw enroute?

Should not life be more exciting, full of surprises and unexpected turns? Yes we agree then that our personal challenges, SRETCH US, to be more do better have more life in each waking day.

How are your relationships? How is your career going? When did you go on a holiday that challenged your knowledge?

Doing what we always do, will make us stuck,  make you blame others for what you want to achieve, eg it’s the boss, its the wife, its the husband, its the kids, its my family background, its the politics, its the money, its them…It is in your power to become more, much more, doing stuff that makes you want to run away from, but you know the smart thing is to stand.  Choosing to make your relationships better will bring you the long term rewards of the fight you put into it. Its in your power to change your world. Dont run stand and fight, you were born to do this.


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