Love always Gives

Once in a while you will come across someone with a hard heart. For some reason whatever the reason, they have decided not to ever care again.  If you happen to be in their life, nothing you do will ever make them happy. At best you can just be in their world, but keep a healthy distance.  It is awful to be attached to someone with a hard heart. It’s like a blindness no doctor or therapist can cure. This type of person needs a personal confrontation with their maker, only He can break and restore this heart. Hear me carefully to avoid getting caught up, rearranging your life to make this person happy. Only God can make this person SEE their heart condition., through their own interactions with others. That is why we also say what goes around comes around. You don’t have to FIX this person, what they are sowing is what they will get, no matter how many relationships they try to have. The problem is spiritual.


Love in its purest form, always gives in a healthy way.  Attachment is not love, it’s getting used to someone even if they don’t give you what you deserve. You just got used to it. But the great news is, you can unlearn, and develop a new appetite for the good life, being treated well. It will hurt at first, but that was never true love to start with, just a training exercise, of sharing your life. Not every person you share your life with will stay forever, give yourself a break and look after your heart, forgive let go and keep moving forward.




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