You are stronger….believe it.

It’s a good morning here in the UK to all of you around the world it may be a different time,  but here’s to a great weekend. Why you asking? Your decision to make it a great day from the beginning, will shift your focus to see all the great things in store for you today.  The Creator of heaven and earth made sure you woke up, make sure to see the many blessings in store for you today.  The sun is out, you can hear birds singing in your part of the world. Someone calls you family, someone cares about your opinion. We all have lots to be thankful, THAT is a start to a great day.  Finally when you look in the mirror, speak something nice about yourself, is it not just about time?

On one of my google plus community, this one post below received over 200 likes, you can see it here

The post starts with Love does not hurt. And am bringing this statement to my google plus community. I am concerned about these painful relationships that no one is really addressing, if I was you I would want real non judgemental answers, if not for my sake perhaps the kids, their friends and so forth.

What do you say of this statement, love does not hurt,  broken people do. What do you say? Are you perhaps the person that hurts others or struggles to admit this by just walking away and starting with another person? Leaving a trail of broken hearts along the way.


Perhaps you are the one hurting now,  your best efforts have gone to waste? What would you say to me is the hardest thing in letting go of bad relationships? I should know because I experienced them myself and have been happy for some years now having let go of painful relationships. Please feel free to comment, your opinion really does count, remember this is a family based blog, and all comments will be moderated. Thankyou in advance



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