No looking Back

No looking Back

Tonight our family was watching the Pride of Britain Awards, in the UK, for people doing the ordinary to make a difference in another person’s life. It is a glamorous event with celebrities and politicians. There were stories that just bring you to tears, of the so many courageous and brave ordinary folk. One young man who had a dream to be a rock star, was left using a wheelchair through a car accident. He started raising funds to get more treatment. Somehow he had heard of another young man who had never walked in his life except with the use of walking aids, and decided he would use the money raised for his own treatment towards getting this other young man treatment overseas that would give him a better chance to walk. In his own words he said that young man has never walked for 23seconds I walked for 23 years……..The video was emotional to say the least.
These stories just make you stop and think. In spite of his own physical challenges a young man decides to give away all his own money about £22,000 to help someone else in a worse situation. He actually said at the award if we could all do more, what I did should not be such a big deal…………………..

The story that finally did it for me was these two doctors(twins) now in their seventies. These twins had suffered tuberculosis around 18years of age, and after staying in hospital for months, were both inspired to study medicine, which they completed and became two pioneers in the treatment of cancer today.
Having a nursing background this got my attention. They both said we have made great strides in the treatment of cancer, but we are looking forward to creating treatment that is less harmful to the human body. They are in their seventies!!!!! Still looking forward, still planning, still having a strategy in place to alleviate the suffering of many cancer sufferers.
Adversity happens to all of us, trouble hits us all from some angle or many directions. These two doctors got inspired through their suffering as young teenagers, to become leaders in the treatment of cancer.
Is it possible that your challenges have answers to life’s dilemmas? Could it be that your suffering could bring about some life changing answers for others. Could it be that you were born to do this?
In the bible we read about king David’s men and their families about to destroy him for putting their families through so much pain, just because they were a part of King David’s army, his team, his men. Its written he encouraged himself in the Lord, all alone.
On His own, and he asked God for wisdom to restore all that had been taken from his people. Oh that we would stand up and fight, and protect our families, each one looking out for your own, the domino effect, that’s what am looking for.
There are things we gotta do without waiting for a parade a stage or a fan base, just getting on with it, in making a difference. There are times you’re the only one who can see a positive outcome when everyone else around you is discouraged and about to quit. Perhaps have already quit, gone left and not coming back. Do you also quit on your dreams because everyone else quit walked away?

There will come a time YOU are the only one that will bring your family out of those troubles that have gone on for years, everyone has given up hope.
But not you, because somehow you know, you were born to do this.


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