Life Like Tennis?

gdftreyIf life is like a game of tennis, would you be preparing for the match of your life?  Would you want to be the next champion, or would you be the next championship coach, or would you be doing the armchair commentary.


Life is a real game, but we have misunderstood and compete with the wrong champions. You are only competing with the best version of you, your higher self, your larger than life self. If you give yourself permission to be negative and critical, what about giving yourself lots of permission to be happy, positive, strong, humble, encouraging, a blessing, highlights people’s strength than weakness.   A practical one here…..If you start the day feeling down thats okay, you can choose what YOU actually say.  This is an incredible day, am grateful to be alive, I wonder who I can help today?   You can retrain yourself to have a more positive outlook on life.

Who are you most attracted to? The one’s who have a positive spin on anything ,the tyrant or the victim?  So imagine that person is you. Yes you guessed right, you hang around such for only a short while or until you find a better job or partner….we are not wired for prolonged pain.

Attitude is everything. And we only give what we have more than enough of. The good life is more than enough, not just getting by. We are built for the good life, a great life in Christ, being more than enough for our own challenges.




Life is like a tennis match, sometimes you are not even dressed in the right clothes, so you get taken off the team, a quiet period in your life, when its time to just regroup, develop a new strategy for where you want to go.  The goal should be to become the best version of you, using all your God given gifts and abilities to return the Glory and Honor to God who gave you, those gifts in you is to represent Him to a sick and dying world.  Please use them to help others, dont let trouble have more of your attention than it should.


So then if life is like a game of tennis,  where are you, is it injury time for you needing time out and ur clues are how snappy you get with everyone else, rage, impatience, making a big deal of petty stuff, are you in the game or a spectator, an armchair critic or doing all you can to make a difference? Yes You can.


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