Love is Investing in Another

Love is Investing in Another

I know this to be true, we get back what we invest in another. In healthy doses, too much
and there’s no room to breath, too little and its not enough to keep going.
Relationships are tricky sometimes, but with healthy investment of quality time, you can
build something strong that lasts a lifetime.
Picture this, who stands a better chance of moving on if all fails, the one who gave the
relationship their best shot, or the one who kept postponing their part?
The one who invests can walk away with dignity and confidence, but the one who didnt
now wants more chances, when its too late.
Life does move on after break up, because a person’s part in your life is over. Its one of the hardest things, but if you have given your very best, you have a better chance of moving on
and finding love again.
In the meantime, be fully present, be fully there, listen as well as speak, no one wants to be
ignored especially by those closest to you. If you are inclined to talk way too much, give the
other a chance to speak….you might hear something you took for granted.


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