Talk or Pray

Talk or Pray

I discovered yes its great to chat about stuff, but the more you chat about your troubles, its like you’re replaying music you dont like. What do we do, we turn it off or fast forward to the one you like.  The more you discuss your troubles, its like reinforcing the troubles, they never seem to go away.
Making peace with your troubles however brings things into perspective.
You recognize there might be not much I can do about this but I cannot let it control me my life and my future.  This is a new day, I can find something awesome something small in the moment that will keep me looking forward, not stuck in yesterday.
It is hard to move forward while discussing repeatedly the same stuff you want to leave behind you. You were born for this, you have to take you everywhere you go 24-7 365days a year,  the more you accept you, the more you will enjoy your own company.Loved what someone said

‘ I may not be perfect, but in some things, am pretty awesome’

Place this in front of your mirror, and speak it to yourself to renew your passion, your ability to expect good and great. We get from life what we expect. Expect blessings and your attitude changes, even insults become something that bounces off you. You see self acceptance stops us from playing the victim, the burden of others accepting us In the process, you start to see that what you have, someone around the world is praying for it. Lets count our blessings with our thoughts and our words.

May our discussions be centred around making life better, even awesome, even in the ordinary day to day.
This will be a great weekend, what do you say?


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