Good is comfortable..



We are created to reach for more than average. Have you noticed how good is okay for now, but soon gets boring, or is that just me?

Good is comfortable predictable routine and so forth. But there is always more than yesterday.  I dont really like the saying the good old days, if they were good there would be no reason for change, to evolve, to be more. We are inspired when we see those who dared to go the extra mile. They make us see our own potential for more liberated life. The freedom to explore, doing something out of your comfort zone.

Yes growth comes with pain, the unseen, but life is full of wonderful surprises. What we thought is how my life will be turns out to be completely different. Like a plot in a movie, the twists and turns. Its my hope for you that despite twists and turns you will continue to become stronger and all you were created to be.

Yes even the person you admire, has to encourage themselves, has to remember challenge is part of normal growth, in the gym of daily routine.


4 thoughts on “Good is comfortable..

  1. kel37blah says:

    Unfortunately good is no longer good enough. To really make a difference we have to be outstanding. We have to go above and beyond to make a difference. Great distinction about how challenges and failures(temporary defeat) are part of the process and should be embraced. Great stuff!


    1. Meg says:

      Thanku, like that ‘no longer good enough’….many of us face internal resistance, but those who conquer it go beyond the norm. I believe its divine to overcome and the challenges yes part of the process…no goliath no king david, wow.


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