The power of Now…

Every small action towards your dream, working it out, makes life unusually interesting, makes you start laughing at obstacles. In fact you  will realize the obstacle is like a goliath in front of you, daring you that if you take one more step I will take you out!!!

We all know its not true.  One of America’s greats said this;

Courtesy of quotehd.comabraham-lincoln-president-sir-my-concern-is-not-whether-god-is-on-our-side-my

Every challenge that comes can be overcome, sometimes by walking away, refusing to respond to everything that challenges you to prove you are who youclaim to be.

Now is the time to embrace the challenges, the struggle knowing that now will never come again. We call it winning because a fight was involved. Its not physical, but an inner determination, that those that are for me are more than those that are against me.

Now is the time to keep moving towards the kind of life that inspires others, helps others, makes someone smile.  One of the best   signs you are moving towards your best season is when you are willing to encourage someone else while you yourself are facing your own dilemmas

Let there be light, let it count, life matters. Blessings to you and your loved ones






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