Search is on…

I believe we all searching, loooking for answers. We all want to make the right decision, and life doesnt come with a manual. Even when you become a christian you have so much to learn to grow up and mature becoming stable so as not to be swept away by any kind of teaching…truth be told there are many teachings out there, not all are based on the simplicity of Christ.  The Gospel is simple, we become new creation growing in the grace and knowledge of God. Instructions are given to do this through the personal and rightly taught word of God.  Commitment to growth is checking things out for yourself after the word has been taught.  We are promised if you seek you will find answers, there is no limbo…no unknown. Father God will reveal what each of us need to know at every life stage and if He doesnt reveal we must rest in Him, and not get obsessed with what is not revealed. All we need for life and godliness is revealed.



For the sake of this post I thought I will also share with you this interesting love story.  Would you settle for less than though the best is yet to come? For me this story brings up some heart issues. But read on my actual post on google plus.


Wow..seriously how many people do u know who would search for the love of their life for over 40years???Much respect #admiration. Many of us will ‘survive’ with miss/mr right now for whatever reason(or the fear of being ‘alone’)


This story makes me think, is this why we dont settle for just anyone, despite the many offers that will cross your path? Or the other extreme ‘serial dating’? For some its a deep need to be loved and accepted unconditionally (NEWSFLASH…No one alive can put up with any kind of behaviour! indefinately, thats a myth.
U may not even know what the person actually looks like,(the person u will love for life) but u know when you find them or they find you? What’s ur thoughts on this one?
This is a one of a kind love story…#love #marriage #dating #divorce #lifetalks



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