BREAKING OUT 1.0 (Getting off the roundabout)

Life moves in circles,   I found out you have to decide to get off the same roundabout, I took the exit route and never looked back.  I didnt know where the road will lead, but nonetheless I TOOK THE EXIT ROUTE….The exhilaration of getting of the same road, wondering how, feeling unprepared, it has been the most exciting journey, I had no idea there was more to life until I took the first plane OUT.  I posted on Facebook once, that when I decide to leave a place I no longer belong….you can send fighter jets, the navy seal, the queen of sheba and what ever else, but it will not happen, I cannot be bought, period. 

There’s a saying every dog has his day. Now am not referring to you or me, what that means is in life you feel like you the dog, just there as a pet, you are for show, to be seen but not heard kind of life. Are you working in a company you feel unappreciated? overlooked, passed for promotion, passed for more responsibilities which will enhance your skill? Are you a trophy girlfriend or wife, are you a trophy member of your community, your voice should not be heard.?

Are you in a relationship you don’t feel valued appreciated celebrated you are there to be seen not heard?  For the fear of losing your job, your relationship, you allow yourself to settle for average, scraps, bottom of the barrel kind of existence?

Many are angry at life because they feel they dont have enough time or running out of time. The easiest or best way the mind decides is to hold tightly to what you have now.  But here is insight many do not realise: Whatever you hold on to is actually holding on to you, making you an unwilling prisoner, when you decide to leave.  Hence the idea of abusive cycles of relationships or behaviour. The easiest way is the comfort zone, ‘the devil you know’ I hear it said, but resenting the self created prison, even creating a philosophy around it.   But that is not for you, because you are reading this. This will shock you but we really do have enough time. TIme to build  the life of your dreams, time to get that je ne sais quois look about you(guys). TIme to fit into that pretty dress for Christmas, ladies, time to get into shape and be healthy, time to reinvest in your beautiful precious self, time to get it all done.  God in His wisdom created us to be creative productive flowing in life kind of beings, just look at HIS MASTER PIECE, yes you may not believe but the works prove beyond words…speechless


It is a fantasy to think you can get what you want overnight. No Rome was not built in a day., and none of us became adults overnight, gasp…..  I don’t know about you but we should really kick out of that box, the mediocre average complaining stuck in the traffic of life, my life is so bad……………….MINDSET.

Lets pause for a moment and state this out loud…I HAVE AS MUCH TIME AS I NEED FOR ALL I WANT TO ACHIEVE….period, no debates.

Lets think about it. Who is going to give you or me more time? Who? Am passionate about this because apathy is a slow death. Giving up on your dreams and giving up on life, going to work like your on a life sentence, going back home like its another life sentence.  Any wonder why relationships struggle families are struggling to get on?  The stress of it all, should we wake up from the hypnosis of ‘lack of time’, am not that smart for fresh ideas? Who or what hypnotised us?



Many of us need to cancel the subscription service we have been listening and reacting to. Its not what the station says its what you are saying to yourself that becomes the deeper issue. Many messages are only getting you to buy this buy that so you can be happy…..SOUND ALERT….Its only a hook, but we all know that now, why we still buying doing more stuff but still miserable? So am going for the root. Monsters are not on TV, they are in the mind, challenging every little step you try to take forward.  And with everything being classified, you have to suffer in silence, but you do not have to, another day.

Some of us have quit moving forward stuck and reacting angrily to everyone else. TIme to forgive yourself and give yourself a chance at life a chance at happiness, no its not a myth, its reality.  Great stuff to live and experience is more real than the negatives we all encounter. 





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