BREAKING OUT 1.0 (part 1)

Let me show you why you and me we all have the same amount of time, anywhere around the world.

When you last heard someone say something you did not like, how long did it take you to get over it?  How did your body feel your mind, worse if you felt you could do nothing about it?

The struggle to be happy content fulfilled and more perhaps even heaven on earth is not observing where we spend most of our energy. From a nursing background I know that most illnesses are rooted in emotional disturbance.  The escalation of how we interpret an event an opportunity.  How long does it take or better yet, how long should it take to get over a break up, a redundancy, unfair reviews by peers, unfair treatment of any sort?



Breaking habits that self destruct, unlike mission impossible(messages self destructs in seconds) the messages any human being accepts as their own stick around way into adult life, we just give it different labels.  Have you ever heard a positive person speak negatively about themselves? Even if they did there’s some positive spin to it.

I will give you a simple interaction I had today online. I posted something inspiring, but someone challenged it. I seriously did not take any offence, I responded politely throughout the conversation, and we ended the interaction on a positive note.  I am not always like that, the other day someone else told me where to get off, matter of fact way, he suggested I need to know how to post online.  I politely withdrew from his posts, but that will not stop me from creating more posts sharing my messages of hope, tools and resources that will empower someone, just one person.

I know friends who have more degrees than I can count who are afraid to venture out, because I also understand, to venture out is  a risk, the critics, the naysayers, who funny enough, had to start somewhere, would I follow that person’s brand company or message with that  approach?  Yes you guessed it, why should I? I have options of mentors global in any venture I want to undertake.


If you never remember anything am posting today be blessed to remember this;

Nothing wrong with being challenged criticised or opposed, you can try and find some common ground. But if the person attacks who you are as a person, that is a no go area, do not tolerate it even once, walk away, right there.  I know that we all can be biologically older or mature, so to speak but spiritually we are little kids, trying to discover the meaning of life and how to interact with the world around us.  Kids move on quickly after an argument, and carry on playing long after the initial difference.


We have differences of opinion but that should not distract us from our goals, the life of our dreams.  Every small step, any step, that phone call, posting on your blog, enjoying the moment, is always a step closer to your own dream life.

Spiritually speaking life has many thieves worse than the one that robs your bank, you can always recoup what you lose. I posted on one of my early blogs

‘the thief in my basement’, some ideas are thieves replacing God’s best for you to a cheap copy of happiness,  thats the thief you want to shut the door of your heart to. Ideas that keep you going around the same mountain, developing a pathology of sameness, resenting it but unsure how to get out.  Inner resistance only responds to a higher power neither does apathy respond to smart intellectual hype.  If information could change our lives then we would all be skinny rich and wealthy Les Brown stated.

God in His wisdom saw it perfect to have a relationship with you and me.  A relationship in which you get a name change, not what the world wants you to be or defines you, but HOW God sees you, a champion a winner, royalty, blessed, unstoppable, confident, happy, strong, special, a blessing anywhere you turn…to redirect you into your purpose, where you become fulfilled content, a kind of heaven on earth.





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