Pray more.. Hurry Less?

Pray more.. Hurry Less?

Am working on a project I decided to get my teeth into and out of the way. So yesterday, in typical fashion, I spent most of my day on this once in a lifetime event!!!!(atleast it is to me for now) I thought I was over the perfectionista, I used to date long ago but we never quite made it to the altar. That was the old me. But every now and again she/he tries to get back into my life and I have no time for old habits. By midnight my shoulders were burning!!!
My attitude is if you are going to do something do it well and RIGHT the first time, my project is on time and resources. Most of us are tired of the same old advice that is not working. Eg. If you stopped having so much fun you would accomplish more. Seriously
how long will you do something you loathe? How often do you watch the clock to get out of there, but that’s the career paying your bills? Well for now atleast. I suggest we need the balance. The right perspective and creating something positive out of your daily 9-5.
Pause…….How? You may be thinking If I just get my business going I will be happy, If I just date someone else I will be happy, If I just make more money I will be happy….the hamster in a cage, running faster and faster, but still wondering why he’s still on the wheel.
Lets discuss this, openly full disclosure, for the decent family-can-see-me-working kind of jobs, lets discuss how you can find something awesome about it. The cool thing is its an open forum, and others can pitch in without being patronising, those comments will be ….u know in the bin. Ps jump right in It will be fun. Question what’s awesome about your job? If you love your job tell us why you honestly love your job, lets tackle this one or talk about it. (Image courtesy of google images)


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