LongTerm Happiness

I was thinking how when you live a while some things just begin to make sense, like happiness. It’s not something you chase, but something that finds you when you stop going after it.

‘If you stop running so fast you might actually just get there on time’

Have you ever tried so hard to win someone’s attention only to find out, the person is not the big deal you make it out to be? Some then come out with a philosophy ‘oh the best way to live is to have low or no expectations’   No, it was the wrong focus, lack of options in the decision making process.   So it’s about letting go starting over and building fresh new expectations. After all one day as  friend said to me, am sick of being unhappy I am going to do something different.




Picture this:  Has someone tried so hard to get your attention and then go cold on you?  And you are left wondering, what happened?  Let’s go a little further, Could it be that the ‘thing’ demanding your attention, is not worth the attention, maybe that’s why it’s so loud?  If you don’t buy me, if you don’t date me, if you don’t study me, if you don’t choose me…..Noise likes attention, and robs you or me of our creative genius and ability. Regardless of life stage or career choices it is not too late to release the genius in you, you were born to do this.

What tips could you add in that have no value when you take a closer look, how did you save yourself time by not going after distractions?

Dream Inspire Be YOU.




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